“Princess Superhero”

This “Princess Superhero” is on a very important mission to save all the princess babies and barbies.


Mommy and Me.

I love this Momma and her little beauties! I also love that they are my very first repeat customers 🙂

All Dressed up in Memories

I absolutely loved this session. This little beauty is wearing her Mothers wedding gown. The blanket she is laying on was made by her Great Grandmother. What a precious photo! I can’t wait for my own daughter to get over her PCS (photographers child syndrome) so I can have some photos that are as meaningful as these.

I LOVE this!

In her mothers wedding shoes…….priceless!



This little beauty is a Junior in high school. Not only is she stunningly beautiful on the outside, she’s as equally beautiful on the inside. She is a track star, an artist, sister and daughter, but most importantly she is a very strong christian! She has shown amazing strength in her daily walk. Here are a few shots that displays her outer beauty.