What to wear

As the Holidays near and families start gearing up for portraits, the main concern seem to be WHAT TO WEAR. Below are a few examples of what to wear and how to tie outfits together. Start with one article of clothing that is a must, then work everyone else around that one piece.

Snow White

I had the absolute pleasure of having Snow White in my class a few years ago. As long as I have known her she has practiced ballet. I miss her coming to class and teaching me ballet poses, however she did teach me some new ones during our mini session…..non that I can pronounce properly.

Beautiful Family

My beautiful sister and her stinky RED headed husband.

not the best pic of my sis and her hubby, but you just cant help but laugh at little Roo!

Roo is being mouthy…..as usual! This is exactly why I love her so much!!!!!